Choose Wisely

Beware of insecurities and jealousies in your inner circle.

I have been working hard on several projects: planning and executing experiments, writing a proposal for PhD Candidacy, developing our first InsertVerbHere travel project, and working on launching the InsertVerbHere non-profit organization. This is way too much work for just one person to handle. My secret to accomplishing so much is: my inner circle. These are my friends and family that I trust the most. I talk with them about my plans, my progress, my short-comings, and more. They give me affirmation, perspective, constructive criticisms, and resolutions. But they are not perfect.

Lately, things have been starting to take shape and become more real, which should be exciting, right?! Well, that doesn’t seem to be the case with everyone. I have been sensing that someone in my inner circle just isn’t happy for me. Their feedback has been waning and laced with feelings of being “left out”. And their listening skills have been disinterested.

It hurts to know that a friend cannot genuinely share in my joy without needing to personally benefit from my efforts. The vision propelling my efforts is bigger than us. So now it is very important that I choose wisely what information I choose to share with this individual, and simply love them from a distance.


©2012 by Alexandria Dotson and Ayana Martin

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